Constellation is currently in Alpha Testing.

This means everything isn't quite here yet. We're working hard on adding new features all the time. Check back frequently for updates!


Register your guests ahead of time, online.

Constellation supports multiple registration tiers, promotional rates, and custom registration fields. Payments are processed securely with Stripe, and deposited directly into your account. Choose when to close registration at a date that works best for you.


Show your schedule of events in one place.

Keep things organized with multiple tracks, allowing you to sort your events into up to 12 categories. Updates are shown automatically. Guests can access your convention page during the convention to stay up to the minute with changes. The page even works offline, for when those internet connections get spotty.


Streamline your frontdesk operations.

Constellation's frontdesk hardware can help you handle guest registration in as little as 1 minute for preregistered guests. Guests needing to register on site can do so quickly at a self-service kiosk, freeing up your registration staff. Constellation even supports USB credit card readers to make taking payments a snap!

And more!

We're working on new features all the time. We're working on a lot of ideas that can make your convention or conference run even smoother!

Other Features Currently Under Development:

  • Listing Customization
  • Travel Directions
  • Day Passes
  • Reserved Seating Events
  • Guest Registration Network
  • On-site Upgrades
  • Express Frontdesk
  • Convention News and Updates
  • Event Catalog API

Have any questions that weren't answered? Need more information before getting started?

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We're still looking for conventions who'd like to help us demonstrate the future. If you're interested in using Constellation, consider becoming an Alpha Site.

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