What We Do

s.ecur.us is a workshop for various tools and projects that do things that haven't been done before.

Originally created to be a private cloud storage system, it has evolved into several projects, all with the core ability to keep private data out of prying eyes.

Each service has the ability to encrypt private data locally, before uploading to our servers. This means that no one but you can use your data. Not even us.

s.ecur.us currently has three projects in development: Satellite, Constellation, and Multiverse.

More projects are coming, so stay tuned!

We're working hard to to provide you with the ultimate control over your data, and who can access it.

Who We Are

s.ecur.us and the s.ecur.us projects are labors of love, from the mind of Trevor Sacks, worked on in his free time.

Why We Do It

We see a lack of privacy on the modern web. We see companies that profit off of their users' information. We see criminals steal this information.

We think we see a better way.

Keeping a user's data private is simple. We think we can use client-side encryption to keep private data private. We respect our users enough to make sure that everything we can do is done to keep their data out of the hands of people that don't need it. Ourselves included.

How We Do It

Coming Soon

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